Our Mission


Sustain-a-Bull is Durham’s nonprofit Independent Business Alliance. Since our beginnings in 2011, Sustain-a-Bull’s mission has been to ensure local independent businesses thrive in Durham. We believe sustaining Durham’s economy, community, and unique character depends on building an environment where locally owned businesses can prosper. Sustain-a-Bull activates consumers, citizens, businesses, organizations, and government to support independent businesses through three core initiatives:

1. We educate consumers and the community about the benefits of doing business locally.

Our goal is to shift consumer spending to local businesses and foster a community that values its local businesses by connecting consumers to member businesses through our web guide, marketing campaigns, and active social media presence. We raise awareness of the economic, environmental, and cultural benefits that come from a thriving local business environment.

2. We facilitate cooperative marketing, purchasing, education, and resource sharing to give local independent businesses a competitive edge.

We use cooperation to secure advantages for our member businesses that they could not achieve alone. The Sustain-a-Bull name and logo gives local businesses a group brand recognition and exposure to effectively compete against national chains. We facilitate a network of businesses that offers members-only educational opportunities, meet-ups, and resources. We use collaborative marketing events and campaigns to drive consumers to local options.

3. We advocate for local independent businesses with a united voice in the media and government.

We are a united voice that can speak to the priorities and challenges of local businesses and entrepreneurs. By building relationships with media outlets, we keep local businesses and the “Support Independent Durham” philosophy front and center in the public eye. We build avenues to local leaders to make sure members’ collective concerns are being addressed in government and public policy.